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Beneath the Veil of Paradise (Harlequin Presents Series #3111)

Beneath the Veil of Paradise - Kate Hewitt Reviewed at HarlequinJunkie.comKate Hewitt's Beneath the Veil of Paradise offers readers a compelling story in which hedge-fund manager Millie Lang and successful, self-made architect Chase Bryant meet and strike a sexy vacation bargain in tropical surroundings meant to last for a brief time only: "'You give me one week" … He leaned forward, the urgency and excitement he field coming out on his voice, his body. He felt it thrum between them with the pulse of an electric current. 'One week. Seven days. But you give me everything, Millie. You give me all of yourself, no holding back, no hiding, All in. And in return I give you mind-blowing.'"But Millie battles a painful past and Chase struggles with fears of the future. What begins as a no-strings sexual affair quickly morphs into something deeper -- and more challenging -- for them both. If you enjoy passionate stories in which hero and heroine must both confront very real demons in order to move forward, then this story is for you. Read More