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Jar of Dreams

Jar of Dreams - Liz Flaherty Reviewed at HarlequinJunkie.comRating: 4.5 StarsJar Of Dreams by Liz Flaherty is a very pleasant, endearingly quaint, small town yarn, full of wishes and dreams come true!Boone Brennan having received an urgent missive from his sister stating that their aunts health is failing has hastily returned home to Taft, Indiana. Expecting to find his aunt in frail condition, Boone is surprised to find that his aunt seems to be in good shape. Unbeknownst to him his aunt has opened a tea room at her home, and has a new border, and business partner. Boone finds Lucy Dolan quite attractive, but he doesn’t trust her, and he wonders if she is after his aunt’s money. Read More