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Temptation (Entangled: Edge)

Temptation - Kathryn Barrett A forbidden romance between a Hollywood actress and an Amish furniture maker. Where socially liberal meets morally conservative – Alrighty you’ve got my attention! Temptation by Kathryn Barrett is a strong debut novel, about forbidden love, choices and consequences.Laura moves to Pennsylvania's Amish country to film her next movie, once she gets there she is so taken with the simplistic way of life that she decides to put down roots and buys herself a house.The house also comes with a very attractive neighbor and it isn't long before Jacob and Laura strike a friendship, they are both intrigued and attracted to each other. Jacob talks Laura into taking up gardening and before you know it Laura is gardening and baking plum pies and loving it.Though Laura and Jacob are attracted to each other and have feelings for each other they face major obstacles. In order for Laura and Jacob to have any kind of relationship Laura would either have to become Amish – and that would mean giving up her career and her whole way of life or for Jacob to leave his church, his family and become “English”. Read More