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Mr. Right, Next Door! (Harlequin Romance Series #4335)

Mr. Right, Next Door! - Barbara  Wallace Reviewd by: HarlequinJunkie Romance ReviewsMr. Right, Next Door! Is right up my 5 star rating alley!Gasp! It is an older woman, younger guy Romance… Yes! it’s a harlequin :) shocking I know! But it totally worked with this story.Ladies let me warn you that DIY contractor Grant is just de-li-cious! Sophie and Grant are two wonderfully written characters…polar opposites yet exactly what the other needs but not necessarily what they think they want….but fate and love sure gets in their way to HEA.I loved the writing and the witty dialogue; I think Barbara has it down to an art form. If I had to nitpick on anything it would be the epilogue, I sure would liked to have read a little longer epilogue...having said that The ending is beautifully written...Mr. Right, Next Door! Is Fun, flirty and an absolute delight to read a book I would definitely recommend. Here’s a quote from the book "What would you like me to do?"Wasn't the request obvious? Stop making so much blasted noise. "I wonder if you wouldn't mind keeping it down. Your loud banging makes concentrating difficult.""Little hard to bang any softer," he drawled in reply. "By nature banging is a loud activity. Even the word—bang—" he let the word burst loudly from his lips "—implies as much."